Orange Calcite & Green Aventurine Pineapple

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Orange Calcite:

  • Energizes + restores
  • Helps eliminate brain fog + laziness
  • Helps to boost confidence in finishing the tasks you started
  • Boosts the positive energy flow within your body
  • Helpful in creativity + sexuality
  • Brings motivation to Divine ideas
  • Helpful for those with depression or phobias
  • Helps balances emotions
  • Believed to heal the reproductive system, gallbladder + intestinal disorders like IBS


  • Bringer of opportunity + good luck
  • Helps you to release old habits + patterns
  • Encourage you in moving forward with confidence
  • Helps with personal growth
  • Can help you with a first date or even getting a promotion at work
  • Assists you in establishing exactly what makes you happy + unhappy

122g 7cm