Pink Amethyst/Flower Agate Slab #4

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Pink Amethyst:

  • Helps you to tap into your Divine Feminine
  • Helps you become less judgemental and more accepting of others
  • Dispels negative energies from the body
  • Enhances intuition
  • Emotional healing support
  • Helps you to align with your goals and aspirations
  • Master healer

Flower Agate:

  • Activates and connects our heart and root chakras together
  • Great for meditation + relaxation
  • Self-healing + soothing
  • Helps with anxiety + stress relief
  • Inner peace + wisdom
  • Helps with letting go of traumas + deep pain that has attached to our hearts
  • Inspiring stone – great for manifestation
  • Helps you to remain present

232g 15cm