Sleep/Nightmare Bundle

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Place the Black Tourmaline & Blue Aventurine Deer on your bedside table, and the Hematite tumble underneath your pillow. They will help create a protective and soothing sleep whilst strengthening your intuition to decipher and dreams.


Black Tourmaline

  • Protective stone
  • Protects from negative emotions and intentions
  • Grounding and purifying
  • Helps with stress and anxiety
  • Helps to clear and unlock negative blockages within your body or home

Blue Aventurine:

  • Positive stone of prosperity
  • Helps eliminate negative emotions
  • An all over encouraging stone
  • Helps you in speaking your truth
  • Promotes compassion
  • Place under your pillow to help with sleep
  • Believed to help with addictions
  • Helps calm nerves and anxiety
  • Helps deepen your awareness


  • One of the most effective grounding + protective stones
  • Helps balance yin/yang energy
  • Helps dissolve negative energies
  • Stimulates concentration + focus
  • Helps to balance the nervous system
  • Has a positive effect on the bloodstream
  • Counteracts confusion