Taurus Season

20th April - 20th May

This season brings us grounding, stability and indulging energy. Reconnect with your senses and enjoy life's pleasures. As Taurus are known for their steadfast nature, be sure to be patient, persistent, prioritise self-care and be practical in your pursuits and goals.

Winnie the Pooh Bundle Halo Quartz

Winnie the Pooh bundle

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Orca Agate

Assorted Deer Halo Quartz

Spiritual Meaning Behind Deer

Your number #1 protective buddy

The deer is often seen as a symbol of spiritual growth, intuition and sensitivity. Because they are highly sensitive creatures, they are intuitively aware of subtle energies happening all around them. They remind us to stay gentle, graceful and aware as we navigate through life's journey. 

Rainbow Amethyst Cluster