Assorted Sun Catcher

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Elevate your space with our Crystal Sun Catchers! These handcrafted beauties capture and scatter sunlight in the most mesmerising display, adding elegance and charm to your home. It's the perfect gift or a fabulous addition to your decor. Just hang them in filtered light!


  • Enhanced communication
  • Encourages creativity
  • Promotes motivation
  • Helps balance emotions
  • Helps with focus and clarity
  • Aids in spiritual connection
  • A positive stone


  • Enhances intuition and focus
  • Enhances spirituality
  • Enhances meditation
  • Helps with anxiety and keeping the mind calm
  • Encourages inner peace and honesty
  • Natural stress reliever
  • Protects you from negative energy

Clear Quartz:

  • Cleanses and amplifies energies
  • Known to amplify the power of other crystals around it. Use Clear Quartz in combination with them
  • Used in healing and energetic work
  • High vibrational
  • Aids concentration and helps to unlock memories
  • Powerful healing
  • Relief from negativity
  • Psychic enhancement

Moss Agate:

  • Assists in emotional healing
  • Aids stability and courage
  • Helps with stress and anxiety
  • Brings deep inner peace
  • Helps to calm mood swings
  • It is said to attract wealth, abundance and success
  • A stone of new beginnings
  • Attracts new business/expansion of existing business and greater success
  • Helps gain a deeper connection to nature


  • Helps you to envision and manifest your goals
  • Sparks creativity and imagination
  • Clears negativity energy
  • Attracts love
  • Stone of encouragement – drives you to pursue your goals
  • Helps reduces anxiety, fear and depression
  • Manifest wealth, prosperity and success

Black Obsidian:

  • Let go of negativity you have been holding on to
  • Strong psychic protection
  • Dissolves emotional blocks
  • Shields you of negative energy
  • Helps clear psychic smog build-up within your aura
  • Helps to unearth anything standing in the way of your personal and spiritual growth

Rose Quartz

  • Stone of Universal love
  • Overcoming heartbreak or betrayal
  • Promotes self-love and self-worth
  • Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance
  • Increases empathy
  • Expands and purifies heart energy
  • Restores trust and harmony in ALL relationships
  • Helps comfort in times of grief

Green Aventurine:

  • Bringer of opportunity and good luck
  • Helps you to release old habits and patterns
  • Encourage you in moving forward with confidence
  • Helps with personal growth
  • Can help you with a first date or even getting a promotion at work
  • Assists you in establishing exactly what makes you happy and unhappy


  • Restores vitality and motivation
  • Helps to stimulate creativity
  • Supports you in overcoming abuse of any kind
  • Helps sharpen your concentration and dispels mental lethargy
  • Helps you embody courage
  • Helps protect you against envy, rage and resentment
  • Use in interviews for good luck
  • Said to help boost fertility and stimulate sexuality