The Lovers - Tarot Tumbler - MF, FF, MM

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Our glass tumblers are designed to help you embody and attract the chosen Tarot Card, and all that it has to offer to you. Sipping your intentions and shifting your mood. We’re taking filling your cup up first, to a whole new level!

The Lovers

The Love Doctor's calling!

Love - Aligned Values - Partnership

The Lovers represents meaningful relationships and connections. Although it is mostly around romantic relationships, it can also signify a deep connection platonically and with yourself. You may be searching for your soul mate, or perhaps you have found them already. As long as you communicate openly and honestly, you will create fulfilling relationships that are built on trust and respect. The Lovers remind us to listen to our intuition in decision making, and to stay true to our core values and beliefs.

Astrology: Gemini

Element: Air

Affirmation: I am lead by love and I follow my heart


May increase the ability to manifest, enhance intuition, decrease anxiety, harness self-love and confidence, feel creative and optimistic.

What’s included:

  • Box
  • Frosted glass tumbler
  • 16oz (540ml) 
  • Bamboo lid
  • Acrylic straw
  • Tarot information card
  • Tumbler care information slip

Designs are sublimated which makes them permanent - no peeling, yay! Our reusable tumblers are made by borosilicate glass. A high-quality and extra durable material which is:
- Non Toxic
- BPA Free
- Hypoallergenic