Self Love Wax Melts

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Smells like in a world that often takes itself too seriously, we believe that self-love should be fun, carefree, and far from self-conceit. That's why we've crafted these heart-shaped wax melts as an ode to embracing your true self in the most light-hearted way.

Each melt is meticulously hand-poured and infused with an irresistible blend of fragrances that will transport you to another universe. They’re perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation and even a simple mood boost!

They make thoughtful gifts for friends, family, or anyone in need of a little self-love reminder. Whether it's a birthday, a "just because" gift, or a special treat for yourself, they are the ultimate gesture of affection and self-appreciation. It's self-love and self-care all rolled into one fabulous package.

Place a couple of hearts in your wax warmer and let the enchanting aroma fill your room, taking a moment to appreciate yourself.

150g Scented Soy Wax