Winnie the Pooh Bundle

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Your fave trio has been bundled together!

Orange Calcite Winnie the Pooh, Strawberry Quartz Piglet and Orange Calcite Tigger

Orange Calcite:

  • Energises and restores
  • Helps eliminate brain fog and laziness
  • Helps to boost confidence in finishing the tasks you started
  • Boosts the positive energy flow within your body
  • Helpful in creativity and sexuality
  • Brings motivation to Divine ideas
  • Helpful for those with depression or phobias
  • Helps balances emotions

Strawberry Quartz:

  • Stone of Wisdom and soothing energy
  • Helps gain hidden knowledge
  • Amplifies good intentions – perfect in meditation
  • Amplifies, radiates and attracts love
  • Helps one to tune into and reprogram true self
  • Helps release negative energy
  • Helps release emotional, restrictive limits and patterns
  • Embodies strong heart Chakra energy
  • Increases loving vibrations